Welcome to the home of earthgarden.biz, a small family-run business. We take pride in getting our hands dirty to put smiles on the faces of our clients. Run by Daily Mirror Gardener of the Year Winner (2000) Antonio Marrese, it is the culmination of generations of expertise and love for the great outdoors. The Marrese family originates from the Avelino district in southern Italy where for over 230 years the family has cultivated land and built gardens of the highest quality. As a first generation Brit, Antonio has fused contemporary idealism and design with the kind of hands-on traditional knowledge that can only be acquired through many experienced hands. This has led him and his team to be able achieve some of the most extraordinary feats gardening has ever seen, such as prickly pears and other soft succulents surviving British winters.

Services offered:

  • Garden design
  • Garden rescue
  • Bed work
  • Tropical Gardens
  • Patios
  • Decking
  • Custom made furniture and lighting
  • Water Features
  • Re-potting
  • Topiary

The team has developed a unique vision in regards to ‘make do and mend’ where budgets may be tight and results are still expected. Using otherwise discarded items and ‘old tat’ they have transformed junk yards into veritable paradises. Their expertise and love for gardening is greatly appreciated amongst all their regular clients who use them for maintenance and improvement throughout the year.

'A simple philosophy' this is what Antonio’s grandfather would preach to his son when conveying the reason for being at one with nature: "We come from the earth and it is there that we return to, why miss out the best part, the middle?”

What he was saying is that we as a species are so entwined with the earth and all it provides us with that to disregard this fundamental truth is to disregard our true nature.


Antonio adds, “There is nothing better than eating, sleeping, and playing outdoors; even with the smallest of gardens one can stretch out to the heart of mother nature and enjoy her fruits.”

This is why the team promotes outdoor life in all regards, from dining and entertaining to watching movies outside with friends at the height of summer whilst sipping from a full glass of wine. The most important part of any garden is its appeal to get you out into it and enjoy all it has to offer. “Treat your garden like you would like to be treated yourself, feed it, water it, converse with it, love it, care for it, water it and in return your garden will give you endless years of pleasure, satisfaction and fun.”

From a small back yard to a field that stretches to the horizon, we can help with design, construction and inspiration.